Barbara Kammerlander

Barbara Kammerlander (née Sterr)

Barbara Kammerlander 1 SW


in the project Co-occurrence networks in aquatic food webs: ciliates as models

since April 2017

Taxonomy, ecology and ultraviolet radiation protection strategies in ciliates from alpine lakes.


Bettina Sonntag, Ciliate Ecology and Taxonomy Group, Research Institute for Limnology, Mondsee Ruben Sommaruga, Lake and Glacier Research Group, Institute of Ecology, Innsbruck


Sonntag B, Kammerlander B, Summerer M in press
Bioaccumulation of ultraviolet sunscreen compounds (mycosporine-like amino acids) by the heterotrophic freshwater ciliate Bursaridium living in alpine lakes. Inland Waters

Kammerlander B, Koinig KA, Rott E, Sommaruga R, Tartarotti B, Trattner F, Sonntag B (2016)
Ciliate community structure and interactions within the planktonic food web in two alpine lakes of contrasting transparency. Freshwater Biology 61:1950-1965 PDF

Kammerlander B, Breiner H-W, Filker S, Sommaruga R, Sonntag B, Stoeck T (2015)
High diversity of protistan plankton communities in remote high mountain lakes in the European Alps and the Himalaya mountains. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 91:fiv010 PDF

Stoeck T, Breiner H-W, Filker S, Ostermaier V, Kammerlander B, Sonntag B (2014)
A morpho-genetic survey on ciliate plankton from a mountain lake pinpoints the necessity of lineage-specific barcode markers in microbial ecology. Environmental Microbiology 16:430-444 PDF

Sterr B, Sommaruga R (2008)
Does ultraviolet radiation alter kairomones? An experimental test with Chaoborus obscuripes and Daphnia pulex. Journal of Plankton Research 30: 1343-1350 PDF

Scientific CV:

Oct 2015-Sep 2018 (full position): Co-occurrence networks in aquatic food webs: ciliates as models. FWF-project I2238-B25, PI B. Sonntag

Feb 2013-Oct 2014 (PI): Taxonomy, ecology and ultraviolet radiation protection strategies in ciliates from alpine lakes. Ph.D. – fellowship of the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck (2012/3/BIO9)

Apr 2012-Jan 2013 (full position): Ultraviolet radiation effects on planktonic freshwater ciliates: an assessment of photoprotection and repair strategies. FWF-project P21013-B03, Feb 2009 – Nov 2013, PI B. Sonntag

Apr 2010–Mar 2012 (PI): Ciliate assemblages in six remote alpine lakes (Faselfadseen, Austria): Taxonomy, ecology and ultraviolet radiation protection strategies. DOC-fForte – fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW: 22883)

Apr 2006-Apr 2008 Diploma in Biology, branch ecology, LFUI, thesis: The effect of UV radiation on kairomone activity from Chaoborus obscuripes: An experimental test with Daphnia pulex. Supervisor R. Sommaruga

Oct 2003-Apr 2006 Bachelor in Biology, Technische Universität München, Weihenstephan, Germany (Oct 2003-July 2004), LFUI (Oct 2004-Apr 2006), theses: ‚Untersuchungen der Wasserqualität am Beispiel Simssee‘, supervisor R. Psenner and ‚Plant water relations in high mountain ecosystems‘ supervisor U. Tappeiner

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