Ulrike Scheffel

Ulrike Scheffel

Ulrike Scheffel

Laboratory Assistant (TA) 80 %


  • Isolation and cultivation of protists
  • Taxonomy of ciliates and other protists
  • Methods: silverstaining methods for ciliates, image analysis etc.
  • Realization and analysis of ecophysiological experiments
  • Sampling and measurement of limnological parameters in the field and in the laboratory
  • Chemical water analysis

Other expertise

  • Preparation of ciliates for scanning electron microscopy, epifluorescence microscopy and related staining methods; electronic particle counting (CASY); HPLC
  • Taxonomy of macrozoobenthos and macrophytes

Since Oct 2011 in the scientific group ‚Ecology and taxonomy of planktonic ciliates‘ in the team of Bettina Sonntag (50%)


Education and employment history

Employments as Laboratory Assistant (80%), extramural funds:

2017-2019 Department for Limnology, Mondsee (ILIM), FWF-Projekt ‘Freshwater endosymbiotic algae and their ciliate hosts: morphology, phylogeny, ecology’, PI B. Sonntag & T. Pröschold

2015-2018 Department for Limnology, Mondsee (ILIM), FWF-Projekt ‘Netzwerkanalysen in aquatischen Nahrungsnetzen: Ciliaten als Modelle’, PI B. Sonntag

2015-2018 Department for Limnology, Mondsee (ILIM), FWF-project ‘Co-occurrence networks in aquatic food webs: ciliates as models’, PI B. Sonntag

2004-2010 Institute for Limnology (ILIM), Mondsee (Austria), Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), third party projects financed (FWF, PI T.Weisse) and assistance in the IPGL-course (2007, PI Gerold Winkler)

2010-2012 ILIM, Mondsee, ÖAW, FWF-projects by Wilhelm Foissner (University Salzburg) and by T. Weisse (Mondsee)

2012-May 2013 Research Institute for Limnology (ILIM), Mondsee, University of Innsbruck, continuation project, see above



1978-1985: Diploma (Masters) in Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany
Main foci: Limnology, Microbial Ecology, Microbiology, Behavioral Research and Neuro-Ethology

Practical training:

1978 Institute of Lake Research, Reichenau/ LFU Karlsruhe , Germany (now LUBW, State Institute of environmental Protection, Baden-Württemberg) – with Roland Schröder

1992-1993 Institute of Landscape Ecology and Natural Protection, Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU, Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), Singen (Germany) – with Alois Kapfer

Further education:

1992-1993 “Ecology, Environmental – and Natural Protection”, IHK (Chamber of Industry and Crafts), Reutlingen + Tübingen (Germany)

Stays abroad as post graduate:

1986 Freshwater Biological Association, Windermere (GB) – with Ed Tipping / Gwyn Jones

1993-1994 Dept. Fisheries & Oceans, West Vancouver Laboratory, British Columbia (BC), Canada (participating at T. Weisse’s project by the German Research Society, DFG); also: University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada), Dept. Microbiology, freelancing (1994) with Tom Beatty/ Jörg Overmann

Research cruises: North Sea, Northern Atlantic, Black Sea; works on Helgoland (Alfred-Wegener-Institute, AWI formerly Biological Station Helgoland, BAH)

Scientific employments:

1987 Institute for Lake Research, Langenargen/ LUBW Karlsruhe (Germany), freelance – with Hans Güde

1987-1989 Institute for Limnology, University of Konstanz (Germany), third party projects financed by Max Tilzer and T. Weisse

1989 Institute for Marine Research, University of Kiel (Germany; research cruise with RV “Meteor”)

1989-1992 Institute for Limnology, Konstanz (Germany), third party projects financed (EU/ DFG) by T. Weisse

1994-1995 Institute for Limnology, Konstanz , (Germany), third party projects financed (EU) by T. Weisse

1995-1998 Max-Planck-Institute for Limnology, Plön (Germany), third party projects financed (EU) by T. Weisse

1999-2000 Institute for Limnology (ILIM), Mondsee (Austria), Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), freelancing within the project Lake Traunsee, with Uwe Humpesch/ Roland Schmidt

2002-2004 ILIM, ÖAW, third party projects financed by T. Weisse (County of Styria in cooperation with Joanneum Research Graz, Hans Fank)

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